How We Get Things Done

How do we go about educating individuals, training teachers, and equipping churches to make sense of Scripture? Well, in a variety of ways, so we can reach every learner and every person with the truths of Scripture.

Live Training

One of the ways we accomplish our goals of bringing awesome Bible education to the masses is by bringing the training we have onto the site into the real world.

By hosting us at your church or group, you can see thinking transformed right before your very eyes. Our focus is on creating good independent thinkers. Or, for a small fee you can receive the training kit to put on your own TRH event!


Watch and learn with our premier offerings of video content. Our videos are concise, information-packed, and visually pleasing so that you can explore the Bible with ease.

View one video at a time or binge watch the whole collection--it's up to you. All we want is for you to have a unique way to engage Scripture and learn tools for discovering more about the Bible.

The Articles

Learn life-changing information with our great selection of articles geared toward guiding you in understanding.

We keep things fresh by posting the experiences of diverse writers and updating our selection weekly. Read our posts, engage in the comments, and share with friends for the full learning experience.

The Podcast

Listen on the go (or at your desk) with our new podcast. (Okay, it's not out yet--but you better be ready!) Working title: Making Sense of Scripture.

In this podcast, TRH president Jake Doberenz interviews Bible scholars, thinkers, and teachers in a quest to find out what the Bible is and what we are supposed to do with it.

Special Projects

/ Book Projects /

Teen Devotional Book

We gathered a handful of teens and young adults to bring you their wisdom from the Bible, all in one convenient short devotional book! This 30-day devotional includes a brief thought, a scripture, and a prayer prompt to start/end/continue your day with encouraging and practical thoughts on Christian living. Our first book is called "Trying to Figure it All Out," and is useful for all young people!

/ Media Projects /

Custom Curriculum Packages

In the works, is a new way to teach the Bible to small groups. Our custom curriculum packages combine our unique guided learning method with a media pack for all learners. Choose to use audio, videos, worksheets, or games to suit each lesson to your class' needs, while effectively teaching the Bible.