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Truth Right Here wants to see lives transformed when they discover tools to help them engage with, ask questions of, and dig deep into the Biblical text.

It's so important to us that you learn to discover truth in God's Word, that we've tried to create and compile a wide-range of resources to enrich your spiritual life. As our site grows with time, our goal is to add more and more learning tools to assist you. Right now, check out what we have to offer you!


Learn more about the Bible! Our collection of articles and media are written by diverse people, from different backgrounds with various skills. They explain tools and tips, provide information, and challenge thinking about the Bible.


Take the ideas on the site and bring them to the real world--by being a Bible class teacher! We'll show you helpful content to make you a more effective teacher, and provide you with free and cheap curriculum to guide you through the process.


Effective learning often is done in a community. Our solution? Team up with other thinkers in our forum. Discuss and civilly debate different ideas and information about the Bible and the faith.

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