Most of your church isn't going to come to this website and read all the content.

This is for a variety of reasons: People learn different ways, some Christians haven't heard of the internet yet, and plenty of people just don't care (I know, it's sad).

But if your congregation, ministry, or group could use help understanding the Bible, becoming better Bible teachers, or figuring out what to do with the next generation, then request to host a TRH event!

Become a Better Bible Reader

"Opening the Bible" Discussion Seminar - Jake Doberenz

Too many Christians don't know how to read the Bible for themselves. To solve this problem, Jake Doberenz, in this two-hour interactive seminar, walks the group through a step-by-step process of figuring out what the text means. But he doesn't lecture on what he discovered in Scripture, he instead teaches people how to use tools to unlock the meaning for themselves. The class is split up into small groups that digest information and come up with their own ideas to share with the rest so that everyone is a participant in the learning process.

There are two currently available seminars:

  • The Good Samaritan: A Study in Interpreting Parables
  • Falling Away (Hebrews 5:1-8): A Study in New Testament Rhetoric

If you'd like to book Jake for an event at your church or group, email with the details of your event.


Bring Back the Drop-outs

Kids These Days - Jake Doberenz

The stats are alarming--some researchers suggest around 2/3rds of Christian young people leave their faith within a handful of years after their high school graduation. Although there are plenty of cultural icons to blame, a lot of the problem with young people falling away lies with churches not knowing how to best serve its younger members.

Jake Doberenz--millennial, Bible scholar, and a closet sociologist--explains what research says the problem is, and how as faithful Christians we can reverse the trend. In a three-session workshop, Jake weaves facts with humor and Biblical insight with plain practicality.

If you'd like to book Jake for an event at your church or group, email with the details of your event.