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Truth Right Here wouldn't work without the great content creators that contribute articles to our site. We are constantly looking for talented writers, bright thinkers, and we'll especially take you if you have a Ph.d. from Oxford (but that's not a requirement).

Please review the Submission Guidelines, then fill out the form below or email info@truthrighthere.org.


Submission Guidelines

Audience and Goals

Our audience includes all Christians, from a variety of different faith backgrounds and at different stages in their walk with God. In general, we target Protestants, but all Christians can easily benefit from the site.

Our goal with the site is to INFORM people about the Bible. That means we aren't looking for devotional material, lists of scripture, fiction, poetry, or personal stories. We want articles that help people understand the Biblical text better or help them teach the Bible effectively. The best way to get a feel of what we are looking for is to

Article Requirements

All articles must include the following:

  • Approved topic, relating to the mission of the site
  • Clear, consistent writing
  • Limit of one theological heresy an article
  • Scripture from a modern reliable Bible translation (not paraphrase)
  • (Optional) A question at the end of the article to prompt discussion in comments

It's not crazy complicated! But we recommend you send us your topic idea before you send us an article. We just want to make sure it's something we need and that works within our mission before you spend the time writing.


Depending on the quality of the work, the length, and the need for an article on that subject, we may offer a small payment between $10 and $20.

You are welcome to submit a short bio upon acceptance of your work that may include a link to your own blog/site.

Please fill out the form below. We'll try to get back to you shortly.

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