Get Involved in Some Serious Action

There are three primary ways to get involved with what we are doing here at Truth Right Here. But I'll bet you can think of some more ways to help us out, so don't feel limited to these suggestions. Get creative with how you help us out.

Honor us by giving financially, so we can continue to provide relevant, up-to-date, and free resources for you and your friends.


Our site is content-driven, sourced from anyone with an eye for good thinking and a passion for the Bible. Maybe that's you!


Put solid understanding into your church or study group by hosting us for a talk or seminar. Get up close and personal with Scripture.

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Give and Then Get

Another way to support us financially is by browsing our store and purchasing our original products or buying recommended materials through our Amazon Affiliate link, where we get a purchase of what you buy after you click the link. But if you are feeling generous, we'll never complain about 10 bucks slipped our way.

Go Tell it on a Mountain

Another way to say "Good work, guys" is to tell everyone you meet about our ministry! Retweet us. Share our links on Facebook. Tell your friends how cool we are. Use the hashtags #TRH or #DustOff. Mail copies of our articles to your grandma. There are so many great ways to spread awareness about us and the Bible.

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