Truth Right Here helps curious minds make sense of the Bible and learn how it can speak truth today.

Our Vision

To be honest, it's not easy to understand what the Bible is, what it means, and what we are supposed to do with it. We step in to make the Bible less confusing. Our mission is to develop people who understand how to study the Bible and glean timeless truths from its pages. This project isn't about telling you what to think--it's about helping you think for yourself.

Our free articles and resources can help the newbie to the veteran consider how Scripture works and make claims on our lives. Check back often for updated posts, more links, and new stuff to help you out.


Our Story

Jake Doberenz founded this ministry in December of 2008 while he was in middle school (Yes--sixth grade!). He wanted everyone else to have access to the valuable information he learned about the Bible. The ministry formerly focused almost entirely on evidence for the Christian faith, but Jake later saw a bigger need--people weren't able to make heads or tails of the goings on of Scripture. This current version of the ministry has been around for only a few years, managed part-time by Jake while he attends college. 

The Next Step...

Don't wait, start learning now about what the Bible says, how to make sense of Scriptures, and what claims the Word of God makes on your life. Transform your thinking with our free resources.

Meet Some of the Team

We are students and scholars, newbies and experts, ministers and average churchgoers--joined together because we think the world needs to learn more about the timeless truths Scripture offers.

Jake Doberenz

Founder & President

Jake is studying Bible and Communications at Oklahoma Christian University. He loves writing nerdy papers and pondering ethical questions (for fun).

Luke Loe

Vice President

Luke is studying Bible at Heritage Christian College. He also has worked as an EMT, but prefers teaching the BIble more than anything.