Truth Right Here helps curious minds make sense of the Bible and learn how it can speak truth today.

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Making Sense of Scripture

We desire to make the Bible a little less confusing. We know it's not so easy to understand what the Bible is, what it means, and what we are supposed to do with it. Our vision at Truth Right Here is not to tell what to think or what truths to believe, instead, we give you the tools to think for yourself.

What We Do

Help the Individual

Every individual Christian needs to know how to navigate their Bible and apply what it says. It's not always easy to access the Bible's truths, but we help can you master the text.

Train the Teacher

The call to teach the Word of God can be a daunting task. We'll work with you to craft the best lesson with the best educational tools so that the Bible is taught effectively.

Create Community

The best learning happens with others. Engage in our community by viewing forums, joining groups, and interacting with articles. Or join/host an event for live learning right where you are.

Find out how we do it: Our Work.

Now, it's Time to Act

Change lives, educate the future, and provide a safe space for thinking about big questions--by donating to Truth Right Here, so we can keep our information free.